Jump Energy

Innovations in energy

Welcome Jump Energy!

Jump Energy provides specialised advisory services for energy and electricity market participants.


The services of Jump Energy build on elaborate experience in, amongst others, analysis and modeling of energy markets, stakeholder engagement, regulatory analysis, project management, process development, business development and contract management. 


Jump Energy believes that managing innovation builds on solid competence in all these mentioned areas. The future success of companies builds on making the right decisions to ensure a good positioning for the future.


The innovation management process from Jump Energy, consists of 4 steps:

- jealousy: Setting the ambition level high, an innovation should easily surpass todays requirements. Define the jealousy elements for all current and expected attributes the market is likely requiring from the innovation result. Select the focus.

- understanding: history, ambitions of stakeholders, trends, laws of physics, market dynamics, possibilities, impossibilities. This understanding will be the basis for realistic expectations and development steps.

- manoeuvring: start a dialogue with stakeholders around a hypothesis (as defined in the "understanding" step). Likely this is not the innovation your company needs. It needs to be massaged and manouvred into a viable opportunity 

- prepare: once a solid preparation and testing period has lead to a credible innovation, the key thing is to prepare for the roll-out


As a long-jump analogy: start and keep your steps and pace well controlled. Build up the speed to a maximum controlled level. Watch your steps and judge where the efficient take-off point should be. Then extend the flight to the maximum and prepare a controlled landing.

Your innovation efforts need a similar process. But remember, to become successful, you need to JUMP!