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Jump energy is owned by Maarten Berkhout.


A short biography of Maarten Berkhout:

Mr. Maarten Berkhout brings fifteen years experience and has a successful track record in business development and innovation management in the energy sector. Mr. Berkhout has gained a lot of experience in the fields of energy market analysis and modeling, strategy formulation, investment valuation, project management, innovation management, contract management, sales management, regulatory affairs, stakeholder engagement and process and quality development. He has been active in various (senior) management positions for major investment projects (>1BEuro), investment procurement and innovation portfolio management.

Topical areas covered in his experience are Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), investment and renewable energy subsidies (EU, Dutch), power generation investments, power commodity trading, sales network management and power plant permits.

Mr. Berkhout has been working internationally for Reliant Energy Europe, Nuon and Vattenfall and has been living in the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden.

Examples of successful ventures executed under the responsibility of Mr. Berkhout are: setup of CO2 systems, strategy formulation for energy sourcing division Nuon, various contracts for gas, power and heat as well as land procurement, securing new build power plant permits and IP portfolio management (cost -30%, first spin-out initiated, IP capabilities expanded).

Mr. Berkhout has taken board seats in various development and lobby organisations.

Mr. Berkhout holds a masters degree in econometrics, graduated in operations research.